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It is amazing how the opinions about Bitcoin changed in the last few months. Besides the significant increase of investments in various startups (in respect to previous years), particularly strong positive attitude can be observed by larger investors. In fact, it is quite impossible to ignore the Wall Street flirtation with Bitcoin ... All the news, whether good or bad, create clearer picture for the investor and for the (average) Bitcoin user. Therefore, on this website are collected links to the latest news (articles, videos) on Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.


Let start with some pesimistic / negative views:

Why, instead of many contrarian opinios, I still believe that the future belongs to Bitcoin? We usually expect the true wisdom of the elderies, but it happens that well-known and well-established persons often arrogantly criticize something they do not really know. This is often a clear sign that the person is outmoded. The future is, however, digital and belongs to the young people who are more flexible, want to learn and deserve better future.

Check the interview on Bloomberg TV: Bitcoin Is Worthless, Not a Real Currency

Bitcoin is not just a technology. But, do we really understand Bitcoin as well its technology? In any case, some intensively comment it, while forgetting that first it is necessary to radically change the way we think about money. Only then we will be able to objectively look at the matter. Nevertheless, time will show us the true meaning of Bitcoin. Judge by yourself!

Watch the Bloomberg TV: Bitcoin Craziest Thing Since Tulip Mania

Optimistic / positive views:

Realistic view why Bitcoin is going to have a briliant future and is a good investment! Some people out there are able to objectively look at the whole thing.

Watch the Bloomberg TV: Why Bitcoin Is the Smart Bet in Tech Investing?

Bitcoin gained such a community support that has been rarely seen elsewhere. Right now, so many smart people is studying and looking for innovative ideas, investing their time and effort in it. In fact, it is clear why!

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Is Bitcoin money or not? It will probably still take some time to become widely recognized and accepted as money, but this fact is inevitable. The article on Coindesk describes one of the many stories that are, at the moment still rare, but happen all over the world all the time.

Check the article at CoinDesk: California Governor Grants Bitcoin ‘Legal Money’ Status

It is interesting, how the government service in the auction sales something that never should have value. In recent days one can find quite a lot of responses and comments on this topic. One related article can be read at Coindesk.

Check the article at CoinDesk: Timeline Silk Road: From the Black Market to the Auction Block

Bitcoin is an »OpenSource« - free to use for all people. What would the future world look like when the »open source philosophy« is fully implemented? Robert Steel defines the idea of »open source« as a meme and a mindset that is rooted in an absolute faith in the truth as the foundation for good decisions – political, economic, social, whatever. In his view, transparency is the most important attribute of any human relationship – secrecy is a form of corruption that enables theft.

Check the first part of the lenghty article at TheDailyBell: Former CIA Spy Robert Steele Wants to Strangle Leviathan With 'Open Source' Governance

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