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We can no longer afford to promote Bitcoin for free. Of course, you can always donate smaller amounts of BTC, in order to support the website and its further improvement  (BTC address: 18Pd9WSFgeJjeiFMPv59yscaM9r9Nu65xU). By donating 0.033BTC up to 0.055BTC you can be rewared by a free gift (only applies within the EU). Please, first click the button with the desired gift in order to check whether the gift (including free delivery within the EU) is still available or not. Donate only after approval.

Note: This is not a shop. Gifts are intended to promote the Bitcoin. You can order similar and many other Bitcoin related products using a number of on-line shops (for example: BTCStore ; Bitcoin T-Shirt Store ; Bitcoin Pride ; Bitcoin Zazzle )

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