Crypto Point

There are many crypto currencies or crypto coins out there. List of some of the most common crypto coin types, e.g. Bitcoin (SHA256 encryption) and Litecoin (Script encoding), can be obtained at Wikipedia
or CoinMarketCap, which also include links to individual web pages with descriptions. Some are just very simple copies (clones) of Bitcoin, while the others introduce useful (e.g. proof of the stack - PoS in addition to proof of work - PoW) and new technological improvements (e.g. complete anonymity). However, it is very important for the newcomer how to opt for some other crypto coins other than Bitcoin. At this point, we will try to present other crypto coins in a way that is different from the view presented at their webpages. This will include the real potential, hopefully with the help of developers themselves. Namely, in the vast majority of the new coins, a classic pump and dump schemes appears. And this is not a good thing for the real implementation of crypto coins in everyday life.

The first six crypto coins, besides the Bitcoin, has the highest market capitalization:







They are very well known and therefore there is no need to present or disscuss about them.

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