I am a big fan of Bitcoin. Unfortunately, I am not among the early adopters, which would mean a significant financial benefit for myself. Nevertheless, I believe in this technology. For the first time in the history of mankind we have at our disposal a new form of money that can completely change the relationships between people and understanding of the money as a tool of trade for goods as well as payment of services and obligations. Being unemployed for about 10 months, belonging to a large army of unemployed people around the world, I am even more convinced that the new crypto-coin technology should (and it will) thoroughly shaken the financial world which will then lead to a better world for all mankind. And, I believe, Bitcoin is the opportunity for all of us.

I have been researching Bitcoin over the past several months. That means it took quite some time before I realized what Bitcoin actually is. In most cases, the descriptions were too professional (for the newcomer) or too general, as they generally appeared as non-critical copies of different articles all over the internet. After studying many different sources, I became really fascinated. Unfortunately, even today the use of Bitcoin, and other crypto currencies is relatively difficult. Mass adoption will be possible, for example, when even my grandmother will be able to use Bitcoins as easy as a cash. Well, and this is the purpose of this website. We will try to bring the Bitcoin, and other crypto currencies, closer to an average user. The website will provide links to a wide range of topics, comments and tips. In the initial (beta) stage, we ask users for a patience and support. And please, keep comming back to this website ...